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SUP Club Application

Become a SUPA club.  Its easy to apply.

SUPA Affiliated Club Benefits

  • Club members pay no extra membership fees -  eligible to enter SUPA & sanctioned events
  • Great medical insurance, whilst participating in club SUP activities, SUPA events and sanctioned events.  Only $5 per member.
  • Free listing  and webpage on the SUP Australia website with weblink to your club website
  • Free listing of your special events on the SUPA website events page
  • Free club operations manuals with risk management and club administration documents provided by administration sponsor, ASI .
  • Free assistance with queries in relation to running your club
  • E- newsletters with latest industry developments, best practice
  • Special pricing for website setup and maintenance with SUPA Website sponsor “Mountain River CMS”  

Great insurance benefits.

SUPA holds its own insurance cover for members:

Club Third Party Insurance.  Public Liability: $20 million $2 million professional indemnity. 
Covers organiser of events and competitions, fundraising activities, promotional education, property owners/occupiers and all other activities connected with the sport.

Member Personal Accident Insurance Cover. Includes capital benefit $50,000,death, loss of limbs / injury, funeral, medical and dental, home nursing and more. Whilst taking part in sanctioned competition events, training,  game or performance; attending a sanctioned social function or training sessions; taking part in sanctioned fundraising or volunteer activity; travelling to or from sanctioned competition, game, performance, social function, training sessions or administrative activity or staying away from home for these purposes.

How does my club join?

a) Download, print off and complete the Application Form
b) Send application to SUP Australia with: payment for public liability and member personal accident insurance and members list
c) We post out your club affiliation package
d) Complete and return audit form
e) Receive insurance certificate
f) Your club is listed on SUPA website.

$300 per annum + $5 per member for personal accident insurance.

New members joining during the year:
* New members can be covered by the SUPA personal accident insurance. 
* As new members join, submit new member details to SUPA, with payment of $5 each.

Memberships expire 31 Dec each year.