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SUP Health Benefits

Health and fitness experts all over the world are quickly catching up with the outstanding cross-training benefits of SUPS, with several personal trainers in France, England, Australia and the US incorporating the sport into their sessions.

Says Nate Burgoyne, editor of Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine: “SUPS is a superior core workout on both flat water and amongst the waves. It is an ideal sport for cross-training as it brings together legs, back, feet, arms, neck and stomach muscles in a graceful display of core strength and balance.

Says SUPS founder and instructor Chris de Aboitiz: “In Noosa Heads where I’m based, people who know nothing about surfing are booking in for a river workout and are enjoying themselves so much they stay on and learn to ride a wave. On the other hand, I’ve got surfers working with me who see the benefits of the paddling and use the flat water routines as a workout when there’s no surf.”

Skye McLeish - Osteopath

Stand up paddle surfing was a great experience and a sport which lends itself well for those who want both a cardio, balance and strength workout. The stand up paddling encompasses both core and proprioceptive muscle action. It utilises a whole body functional approach to building core muscle balance and support. A great sport for those who are in need of some rehabilitative exercise in a unique atmosphere above the water. Taken at the individuals level and pace I recommend stand up surfing for many age groups and body shapes, especially those wanting to explore Noosa's great outdoors and improve their physical health too.   Dr Skye McLeish, Noosa Osteopathy.


Greg Brinkley - 31 July 2007

After moving to Noosa and at age 57, I decided to improve my general fitness and health. My affection for the water led me back to surfing but I quickly found that earlier life Lower Back and Sciatic problems made it impossible to ride or paddle a surf board.

Not to be put off I reverted to a Kayak and Surf Ski only to find that the Lower Back issue made both avenues again impossible. At this point my confidence and self esteem was not great and a vision of forever walking the sand and watching others surfing looked to be my future.

One day I noticed this ‘guy’ out on a board doing which I later came to know as Stand-Up Paddle Surfing. Tracking Chris down I arranged for an initial lesson for approx 1 hour.

At the end of the lesson in Stand Up which was great fun, I experienced absolutely no back strain or discomfort. A number of subsequent lessons and the easy manner of Chris’s instruction, resulted in identical outcomes – no back pain!

So pleased was I with this result, I now have my own Stand Up Paddle Board and Paddle which I have in the water as often as my business activities will allow. Most of my paddling is in the calmer waters Noosa River or Laguna Bay but full surfing is not far off!

In addition I have since found that the Paddling action gives me a full upper body workout so that my chest, arm, back and stomach muscles have firmed up and developed which is great for a guy my age.

An additional benefit has been the lift in self confidence due to a trimmer appearance and sense of strength in the body.

I thoroughly recommend Stand Up Paddle Surfing to any who may have back pain issues and for great general fitness. It is also just really good fun to be out on the water.

Greg Brinkley
Directioneering Queensland Pty Ltd.


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